NYLON Plus Netting

Sport & Safety Net Manufacturing since 1910

Globally, Polyamide (or Nylon) is one of the most utilized materials in aquaculture. Nylon, like Polyester, provides a good balance of material strength and durability at a lower up-front cost compared to UHMWPE products.

Badinotti has a wealth of experience with Nylon net installations for all types of species worldwide.

Product Information

  • Badinotti produces standard titles with varying weights and breaking loads.*
  • Our standard range, average single mesh breaking loads of between 7.5kg – 680kg.
  • The standard knot is the standard product, and Badinotti is one of the few European producers of knotless Nylon net with the Super Knot style.
  • Anti-fouling can be applied to Nylon material if the local conditions and washing techniques require it.
  • Various resin products can be applied to enhance the longevity of the material.
  • White is the standard color for Nylon. However, black and other dyed colors can be custom ordered at the client’s request.
  • Square and Hexagonal Mesh can be produced.
*Badinotti also collaborates with clients based on their specific needs.

Product Gallery

Product Specifications

Mesh size
(inside square)
sq. ft. per lb.
Mesh breaking
Knot length
Solidity factor
210/36 (252)11703/440.546 lb1.26 mm4.90 mm11.38%
210/4811703/429.260 lb1.53 mm4.40 mm15.42%
210/60 (420)11703/426.868 lb1.70 mm5.90 mm17.05%
210/7211703/420.586 lb2.11 mm6.40 mm20.93%
210/7211701 3/44486 lb2.11 mm6.40 mm9.27%
210/96 (504)10401 3/44095 lb2.18 mm6.60 mm9.57%
210/120 (588)10401 3/433116 lb2.35 mm7.40 mm10.29%
210/1505601 3/428133 lb2.81 mm7.50 mm12.24%
210/180 (42A)5601 3/423.617 lb3.05 mm8.20 mm13.25%
210/2005601 3/421.1185 lb3.12 mm8.90 mm13.55%
210/2405601 3/416.5220 lb3.42 mm9.80 mm14.80%
210/300*2801 3/411.4188 lb4.74 mm11.70 mm20.19%
210/400*2801 3/48.7340 lb2.56 mm12.80 mm23.45%

Breaking strength tested according to ISO 1806, +/- 5% tolerance
*Double Leg construction