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EnduroNet is our latest offering in the high performance sports net market. Made with premium UV stabilized Polyester, our EnduroNet offers improved abrasion resistance, UV resistance and overall strength. EnduroNet is engineered and designed to withstand the high daily impact of an active modern day sports facility and game field.


StyleWidth (Meshes)Mesh size inches (Inside square)Yield sq. ft. per lb.Mesh Breaking strengthDiameter (mm)Knot length (mm)Area covered
250/36104004-Mar41.835.00 kg1.36 mm4.20 mm6.43%
250/401040147.343.00 kg1.55 mm1.55 mm5.40%
250/54 **1040128.368.00 kg1.72 mm4.00 mm6.00%
250/60104004-Mar31.9I 48.00 kg1.64 mm5.40 mm7.54%
250/72104004-Mar24.560.00 kg1.72 mm5.60 mm7.87%
250/7210401 3/45360.00 kg1.72 mm6.60 mm3.64%
250/9610401 3/447.673.00 kg1.78 mm6.00 mm3.75%
250/1205601 3/436.299.00 kg1.85 mm6.90 mm3.86%
250/1505601 3/432.2116.00 kg2.03 mm7.20 mm4.22%
250/1805601 3/426.1149.00 kg2.46 mm7.90 mm5,08 %
250/2005601 3/423.5158.00 kg2.56 mm9.00 mm5.23%
250/2405601 3/420.1166.00 kg3.12 mm9.70 mm6.33%
250/240-6ps *2801 3/410274.00 kg4.60 mm8.70 mm9.43%
250/300 *2801 3/416.6214.00 kg4.44 mm11.40 mm8.85%