Duramax HDPE Netting

Sport & Safety Net Manufacturing since 1910

Abrasion is a problem that affects a net’s breaking load and lifetime, especially for washing nets on-site with high-pressure systems.  Badinotti developed Duramax, a knotless HDPE net with a very high abrasion-resistant quality to tackle this issue.

Duramax’s key differentiator is the thicker and stronger monofilaments used to make the net.  The result is a net that is extremely resistant to abrasion, which can better withstand other damaging elements such as humidity, temperature gradients, and UV radiation.

Product Information

  • Badinotti produces standard titles with varying weights and breaking loads.*
  • Our standard range, average single mesh breaking loads of between 24kg – 310kg.
  • The standard knot is the standard product, and Badinotti is one of the few European producers of the knotless Polyester net with the Super Knot style.
  • Anti-Fouling can be applied to HDPE material if the local conditions and washing techniques require it.
  • Various resin products can be applied to enhance the longevity of the material.
  • White is the standard color for Duramax. Black and other dyed colors can be custom ordered at the client’s request.

*Badinotti also collaborates with clients based on their specific needs.

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