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Combinet® has been designed for Cage and Predator Nets. Predators such as seals, sea lions, and sharks can cause serious damage to cage nets and significant losses to aquaculture and fish farm production. In addition, once nets are damaged, the tears allow fish escapes.

Badinotti has developed an innovative solution called Combinet®: A blend of traditional materials combined with steel, copper, or the  Next® net product line.

Product Information

  • Combinet® is made with Braided HDPE and Steel.
  • Combinet® is also produced with Braided HDPE & NEXT®.
  • Badinotti produces standard titles with varying weights and breaking loads.*
    Our standard range, average single mesh breaking loads of between 000kg – 641kg.
  • The standard knot is the standard product, and Badinotti is one of the few European producers of knotless Polyester nets with the Super Knot style.
  • Anti-Fouling can be applied if the local conditions and washing techniques require it.
  • Standard Color: White. Black and other dyed colors can be custom ordered.

*Badinotti also collaborates with clients based on their specific needs.

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