Predation Netting

Sport & Safety Net Manufacturing since 1910

Predator Exclusion Netting: Designed to deter larger animals such as deer, rabbits, or rodents, boars, our predator exclusion netting offers robust protection for crops and plants. Crafted from heavy-duty materials like high-density polyethylene (HDPE), these nets are reinforced with features such as UV stabilization and anti-tear properties for enhanced durability.


Abrasion is a problem that affects a net’s breaking load and lifetime, especially for washing nets on-site with high-pressure systems.  Badinotti developed Duramax, a knotless HDPE net with a very high abrasion-resistant quality to tackle this issue.

Duramax’s key differentiator is the thicker and stronger monofilaments used to make the net.  The result is a net that is extremely resistant to abrasion, which can better withstand other damaging elements such as humidity, temperature gradients, and UV radiation.