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Badinotti Slovakia is located in the industrial area of Brzotín, about 340 km from the capital city of Bratislava. The production facility has been operational since 2006 and is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and NS 9415 certified. The complex is 8,320 sq. meters and includes 3 different buildings.

In 2021, we have a team of 52 members in our Administration and Production departments: warping, Raschel machines, wet zone, final quality control, confection, and a dip zone.

Netting is produced from various materials such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, HDPE, Dyneema®, and a combination of Dyneema with stainless steel. We make netting for multiple industries, including aquaculture and fishing nets, and sports and safety nets.

Badinotti Slovakia products are distributed worldwide.


Badinotti Peru is located in the province of Callao, over an hour from the Lima (Capital city) airport. The ISO 9001 (2015) certified production facility is 20,000 sq. meters. A full-service Net Services Station of 9,000 sq. meters is also situated on the premises.

Established in 1963, Badinotti Peru employs over 300 staff members with 250 involved directly in operations.

Products manufactured at this location include raschel knotless nets, twisted and braided knotted nets, nylon, polyester, and mixed ropes, twisted and braided twines, PVC floats, and archery bowstring material.

Badinotti Peru exports products to Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, El Salvador, Norway, Iceland and North America, providing Fishing and Aquaculture Nets, Sports Netting, Industrial Safety Netting and Archery products to a diversified group of global



Badinotti Chile is located in Puerto Montt, just over 1,000 kms south of Santiago, Chile’s capital. The ISO 9001 certified production facility is 6,930 sq. meters with an office area of 330 sq. meters. The factory opened in 2001 and recently celebrated 20 years of continuous operation.

Presently, Badinotti Chile employs 100 staff members to support the administrative and production roles in producing quality products. Products manufactured at this location are varied and they include a variety of netting created from

Nylon (28 sizes), Polyester (8 sizes), Dyneema® (8 sizes), and HDPE (8 sizes) materials. Due to Chile being the second exporter of salmon worldwide, the majority of Badinotti

Chile products supply domestic clients. The factory also supplies international aquaculture clients.