Our History

Badinotti Group

Retiring is not a period of doing absolutely nothing

  • Giovanni Badinotti opened a net supplies store in Porta Vigentina, Milan, Italy
  • Offered fishing lines, floats, and all sorts of fishing supplies
  • His son Carlo did not share his father’s passion for fishing and chose to work as an engraver instead
  • Despite this, Giovanni tried to persuade him to join the family business
  • He knew all the best stocked fishing stores in the Milan area

Annunciata Colosio

  • A native of Monteisola, an island on Lake Iseo.
  • Master net assembler, she married Carlo Badinotti, and together they managed the Porta Vigentina store.
  • Carlo thus started his education on the fishing industry.

The Badinotti Family and Business Grows

  • By the 1930s, the business was operating a from two locations: one at Monteisola and the other in Milan.
  • Carlo and Annunciata continued selling nets and fishing supplies from the Milan store, and their son Mario worked at the store front counter as a 14-year-old working alongside his parents.

An example of Global Presence | Local Operation:

  • Badinotti nets are now ordered from all over Europe, mainly from countries with fishing activities such as Finland, Denmark, Norway and Greece.
  • Further investments in machinery led to the company growing quickly, and now they are exporting to countries such as the US and Japan.

The First Nylon Knotless Net

  • In 1955, Badinotti became the first company to product knotless nets.
  • With the application of the Rachel looms, production increased and costs decreased.
  • In addition to higher manufacturing efficiencies for fishing nets, the new machinery created new markets opportunities such as safety and sport net products.

Badinotti’s expansion into Peru

  • In 1962 they moved to Peru because there was no knotless net manufactured in the country.
  • After living in Peru for a year, they decided it would be best to have their sons attend school back in Italy instead of continuing to live in Peru.

Italian Operations Increase

  • Due to large expansion in fish farming, the market for nets also increased.
  • The Badinotti name and reputation has grown to a global brand as it established operations in Chile, Slovakia, Italy, and made acquisitions in Canada, Chile, and Chile.